What are we doing?

Under the title of “Promoting Volunteerism as a Tool for Active Participation” we are involved in different activities with Beyond Barriers. First of all, three days per week we work in the Luigj Gurakuqi special school in Tirana. The school is the largest of its type in Albania, with more than 100 pupils aged 6-19 with different developmental and physical problems such as Down’s syndrome, autism, intellectual disability, learning difficulties, ADHD, epilepsy and others. They are divided into classes according to their learning possibilities and their age. We organise social and recreational activities such as drawing, painting, sports, gardening, playing games like dominoes or puzzles.
As Beyond Barriers is focused on inclusion, we are working in collaboration with local volunteers. On the remaining days we work in the office on different tasks: the newsletter, website, facebook page (communication tools), acting as support staff during training courses and other things. In september we’ll start to do peer to peer training to local volunteers and promote EVS in high schools.

We are also free to realise our own projects following our interests, and have time to travel a lot in the Balkans (Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, what’s next?) !


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