Week One at the school – Lauren

The school was a lot bigger then what I had expected, it was very good how they had different activities going on in different rooms allowing the children to choose what they would like to do and how some of the activities change day to day. I went on my first trip to the zoo with the children what was nice to leave the school and visit somewhere new, I hadn’t expected the zoo to be how it was at all due to the a lot of the animals sharing cages and having very little room, I was also shocked that they had a lot of room outdoors and not a lot of animals to access outside their cages. There was quite a large language barrier between the teachers and the volunteers, due to a lot of the teachers not speaking or understanding English.

It was the first time I had been on a trip to the mountain with the children, it was a lovely day out for them and the volunteers, the children seemed to enjoy that they had more choices in what to drink other then water.


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