Joe! Blog! 2! 🙂

We are now almost at the end of our second week working in the school. The initial honeymoon period, both for the children and the volunteers was fantastic, but now we have settled in I feel slightly differently about the experience. My patience has definitely been put to the test several times now, with some of the children being violent and mischievous, which means giving them your full attention which can be hard, especially with the current  lack of structure due to non-term time.  I think there is a general feeling of frustration amongst volunteers, in communicating  with the teachers and students alike. Also the teachers don’t really seem to be doing a great deal of work at the moment and we are left to our own devices, which possibly could have an upside- an opportunity to gain leadership experience as well as working with each other to organise activities. All that said, I’m still enjoying my time at the school and feel as though I’ve become good friends with some of the children. I will miss them when I’m gone!

This post might seem a bit negative but I think I’m learning a lot about myself in doing this project! I am very happy.  I seem to be evaluating my own life more than usuall and I’m using each experience, weather “good or bad” as a learning curve, fuel for thought on my future etc..



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  1. evsbeyondbarriers · August 18, 2011

    Joe Bloggs. 😛

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