Let’s Volunteer!

Busy week-end for Beyond Barriers. The International day of persons with disabilities and the International day of volunteers coincided in the same week-end (respectively the 3rd and the 5th of December) so Evs and local volunteers from the Local Voluntary Centre worked a lot in order to give visibility to these important days and to make them perfect!

Saturday. International day of persons with disabilities and Adeline’s exhibition.
As you maybe know the 1st of December our EVS volunteers Agata, Matteo and Goran left Albania but Adeline decided to stay one week more to organize an exhibition showing the pictures that she took with Sander, the volunteer who did the short-term Evs in Tirana in August. They wanted to show their work in Luiji Guraquki special school and how they perceived Albania during their stay here. The exhibition took place in Tirana Ekspres, a new art space located next to the train station of Tirana whose aim is to serve as a resource facility for local and international artists. The exhibition was attended by about 60 people: a great result for the first exhibition of our volunteer Adeline!

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Sunday. Working for the big event…
Sunday was another busy day. We met in the National Museum to prepare the big exhibition with pictures of all activities of Beyond Barriers and we moved Adeline’s exhibition from Tirana Ekspres to the museum. We had also the itinerant exposition “Volunteers in Action” that arrived in Tirana after a journey around 8 cities in the Balkans. In the meanwhile some groups of volunteers went around the city to spread postcard to promote the idea of voluntarism and to raise the awareness of the public towards the disabled people and volunteer work.
Other organisations from Tirana prepared their space for the Ngo fair: Albanian Youth Council, United Nations Volunteers , Roma Active Albania, Red Cross Albania, Walk Together, Albanian Quality Life Union (Al-Qu), Sanus organization, Youth Studens Association (Rinia Studentore), All different All equal NGO, Save the Children Albanian National Association of Deaf (ANAD), SCOUT Albania, TAMAM Albania.

Monday. The big day!
At 9:30 everything was ready, everybody was just waiting for the guests. Around 10:00 the event “We are all Volunteers” started with Ana Derivishi’s speech (executive director of Beyond Barriers) who was followed by the Europen Union Ambassador Mr. Ettore Sequi, the Vice Mayor of Tirana Mr.Edmond Panariti, the Vice Minister of Integration Mr.Edmond Hoxha and by the SEEYN training Manager Mirela Rajkovic.
A lot of people attended the event, and it was so nice to meet some guys from the special school where we are working. They could not imagine that their pictures were showed in a such big museum!
With the exhibition we wanted to show voluntarism through our daily work and we really hope we transmitted our dedication to people who were there.
We are really proud of our work and we are not the only ones who think we did it well: Beyond Barriers got a special Award for the Local Volunteer Service Centre as the “Most Successful Volunteer Project of the Year 2011”. The award was given from the Ministry of Tourism, Youth and Culture, Albanian Youth Council and UNV.

We want to thank all the volunteers who participated for the preparation of the event and everyone who came to enjoy the exhibitions.

Faleminderit shumë!!!


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