Eri and his Evs in Santander!

Ermir Destani is a volunteer of Beyond Barriers who decided to go in Spain for his European Voluntary Service. In this short interview he tells us more about his work and his new life there.

Hello Eri, how is it going in Santander? What Evs project are you currently working on? 

Hola, qué tal?!? Santander is a small city on the Spanish north coast, a bit cold but I like it very much. Spanish life is different from that one in Tirana. Here people are quiet during the day and “crazy” during the night: well, this is Spain! Actually  I have only 3 months left here and I still have to discover more about the city and its culture. Spanish people are very friendly and this is giving me the opportunity to improve my Spanish. In general, getting  involved in the Spanish life was not so difficult and now I have a lot of friends. I work in a cultural center called “Eureka” and my tasks are to collaborate for the organisation of different activities like music courses for youngsters and language courses as English, Spanish, Italian and German. This center also gives young people the chance to develop their ideas or projects. In my case I am leading a drowing course for children and I am drowing portrets for everyone who would like to have its own! At the end of these activities I will organise an exhibition. I can say that everything is going very well and I am very happy about that.

Did you meet new people?

The first people I met were two “older” volunteers: Riccardo (from Italy) and Thomas (from France) and then they introduced me their friends. They really helped me to get involved in “Santander life”: now I have a lot of friends and I spend a lot of time with them playing football, surfing, going to the cinema and watching football on the TV. Surf is my new hobby and it is very very exciting, I am practising it almost every weekend!

 How is your life in Spain?

Just one word: great!

Here in Beyond Barriers you were our photographer, are you having the chance to improve your skills or to keep continuing your activity in Spain?

Yes of course! I take my camera with me everywhere.  Two weeks ago I partecipated to photographic exhibition “La Calle del Sol” and the theme was the city of Santander. It was organised by the cultural center where I am working.

Plans for the future?

For the moment I do not have some particular ideas but I hope I will develop new ones when I will be back in Albania.


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