First impressions


my name is Irina and I come from Hannover, a smaller town in Germany.

I really like Tirana. There is so much life in the streets, you see people of every age laughing, talking to each other… And of course they are so friendly. Even if I still speak only some words of the albanien language, they try to help you in every situation. Besides I never expected that there are quite a few people people who can speak a little bit of german.

Also to pass the streets is everytime an adventure for me. You never know if the cars will stop… so it´s a little bit dangerous, especially when you look around like me… There where so many new things, e.g. I love the „mountains of fruits“ it´s so coulorfull and nice.

All in all my first week passed really fast, but I got a lot of experiences during the On-Arrival-Training, talking to albanien people and only walking through the streets and watching the daily life.

Hope the coming weeks are going on like this.



One comment

  1. Krist K. Fama · June 8, 2012

    halloo irinaaa, bist du die gleiche madchen von Hannover, dass heute in Post war?! haha… viel spass noch in Tirana!

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