Short Time Volunteering, June 2012

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

– Oliver Wendell Holmes


We started our EVS about a week ago, full of motivations, expectations, hopes and fears. These were definitely things that connected us from the very beginning. When we arrived we were strangers, now we already share a small experience that (I dare say :)) already had quite an impact on us.


A week of On Arrival Training prepared us very well for the upcoming challenges. A very memorable moment was probably when we each got a different role and had to plan a town together. When we reflected on this activity we had to admit that some of our attitudes and methods might not always be the best ones in every situation. Learning by doing. Learning by reflecting. Learning from experiences.

Though there are still a whole lot of challenges – and with that also experiences – coming up we know now that we will be able to face them as a team.


So we are now looking forward to the coming weeks, ready to be surprised and amazed.

As for me I have come to the realisation that during this month every moment is an experience.





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