Changing perspectives

I am Sabine, 27 years old and one of the ten German volunteers staying one month in the beautiful country of Albania to work at Beyond Barriers. At home I just finished my Master’s degree of Environmental Engineering and should look for a job now. But as I was never a very typical engineer, I felt the very strong wish to go back to more social work for at least this summer. And especially that I have spent already the last winter in Tirana to work here for my thesis, I felt connected to the country and the people. So I took this great chance to explore Albania and its people with a totally different setting. First time I was here in winter, working as an environmental student on wastewater issues, visiting several small villages in the country. I was the only intern that time and had the luck to meet plenty of very great people, Albanian and international ones. Now I’m back with a group of 10 German girls in summer, as a volunteer on social issues, working with Albanian youngsters. Therefore I am very curious for that month to see how different things will be and how it will change my point of view. I am really looking forward to actually start the work next Monday with children and to have more things to tell about them as well.


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