First impression, Sophia.

“We don’t get to know people when they come to us; we must go to them to find out what they are like.“


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Hello everybody, I am Sophia. 19 years old and from Cologne, Germany. We, 9 other girls from Germany and I, live here in Tirana for a month and work as volunteers. I can´t believe that our first week is already over! On one day you will experience a thousand new things, and the day seems infinitely long, but then the first week is already over. The month will go by very quickly, that I realized, after this first, very quick week. And I will collect a lot of experience, and bring them back to my Country.

Without much knowledge about the land, language, etc. I came here to Tirana. Because of the openness of the people it was easy to learn much about the country and the life during a conversation. I look forward to working with the children, to discover new skills and weaknesses, the discovery of a new culture and that I meet many new people. A month sounded like a long time to me, but now that I’m here, I think it might be too short. I await the beginning of the next week and am curious what else to expect.



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