60 minutes in Albania

Finally! The doors of the aircraft opened and I jumped into my exciting adventure as an EVS volunteer in Albania. Full of hopes, expectations and huge suitcases ;), nine German girls and me were waiting infront of the airport for our mentor Olti.

I guess that we looked a little bit ‘lost”, because a staff member of the airport joined our group and asked: ‘Is everything alright?’ He was really polite and interested in the German culture. I felt quite welcome and I appreciated his openness and curiosity. Since he was the first Albanian I have ever talked to, he influenced my good picture of Albanian people in general :).

Only a few minutes later, I got to know another great quality of Albanians: Willingness to help. What was the first thing Olti and his colleague Enxh were doing when they picked us up? They grabbed our luggage and carried it to the car – even tough we tried to convince them not to do it…Resistance was futile ;).

On the way to our flats, I have already learned a very important rule in order to survive in Albania: Don’t care about traffic rules, because no one does ;). Anyway, I think It takes some time for me to get used to the ‘ordered chaos’ on Albanian streets ;).

I have already made a lot of great experiences during my first hour in Albania! I can’t even imagine what I am going to experience during a whole month!

Hannah, 23 years


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