C´kemi Tirana

Wow- the first week has passed and it is already difficult to sum up all of our first great moments as a group.
First of, i´m lea, 20 years old and a total newcomer when it comes to Albania.
Not only the  3 day on-arrival trainig supported us to bound over talks about fears, expectations or interactive games.
I feel like we already went through moments which we will only share with each other.
Just let me tell you about last tuesday where we woke up  by amazingly heavy rain. The streets were fludded, people were shouting on the street, the water was even close to enter one of our appartments. It was a scary but also really funny moment when we put of our shoes and just went barefeet through ankle high water or saved a dog out of our fludded backyard.
Apparently albanian summer does not only offer high temperatures and sun….
We have already spent cooking nights together and had the chance to have a picknick on a 10th floor terrace. I´m sure that we will remember next to the amazing view of Tirana and its surrounding, the  two shooting stars.
Now that we are going to start working tomorrow, I´m sure that the 10 of us are going to share many, many more ot those bigger or sometimes smaller moments.
I´ll keep you posted 😉 Lea

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