first impression

Hi I am Thea(20) and I am so happy about my decision to do a short term EVS (1 month) in Albania/Tirane, because it change my picture about this country completely ( in a positive direction)=) We are know still here for a week, but in this short time I have already made so many wonderful and nice experiences!  And now I wont to share some of this with you:

1. the people here are so friendly, open-minded and interested

2. it is really cheap for Germans to stay her, to buy things form the many wonderful little street markets, to go in cafes every day

3. the landscape has so many facets and is so nice ( I can recommend to go to the Dajti  mountain)

4. the weather is so fantastic! Sun is almost shine=)But we have also made a crazy experience…the streets change to rivers, because it was raining  very strongly for many hours (exiting and funny experience!)

So I can every one really recommend to visit this fantastic country…and the EVS is in my opinion a very good way to do this!


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