Here comes the next volunteer:

I´m Lilly, 19 and I come from Berlin. Last summer, I finished High School and decided not to study right away. Instead, I travelled around the world and just got back two weeks ago!

When I told everybody I was going to Albania, they asked „Oh, are you going to Asia?“ – You see, Germans hardly know anything about Albania. So when I left Germany, I had no idea how the next 4 weeks were going to be like.

My first impressions:

Albanians are the most welcoming people I´ve ever met! And they all have a surprisingly positive attitude towards Germans and tourists in general.

What else? The traffic is kind of dangerous: They drive faster than fast and not all the time on the right side of the road. Fortunately, there are very little tourists here – but do you know how to spot them? They are the ones who wait like 10 minutes before they dare to cross the street. I already reduced it to only 2min – the first step to adapt to the local lifestyle…

Did I mention the food? The vegetable markets are great and I looooove GYREK. Three more weeks to explore Albanian dishes!

Oh and of course: I am looking forward to start working tomorrow!

We´ll keep you up-to-date and shihemi së shpejti (I have googled that…)!



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