This is amazing…

This is amazing! We had our first day in the centres today and it got me so excited for the next few weeks. I´m Kerstin by the way, 19 years old and I come from a small town close to Hamburg. I came here because in my experience working or living with people with a disability is a blessing. No matter how much you give. I always had the feeling that you get a lot more back just from the joy on their faces when they are happy.

And how many of us become happy just from giving a high five, seeing new faces, getting a hug or being smiled at? I feel like this month is going to be great and very fulfilling. Hope we will have heaps of fun together!




  1. Ellen Cupples · June 11, 2012

    Kerstin, I’m glad to see you are in Tirana! I have been wondering how you were doing. I also enjoyed the other blogs and can imangine what you are seeing and eating and experiencing. Have you eaten at Kolonat yet? Not very good fast food, but a landmark of Tirana.
    Love, Ellen

    • evsbeyondbarriers · June 14, 2012

      Hi Ellen,
      I´m really glad that you enjoyed our blog! I love Tirana and my work here. The kids are amazing and there is just no thing as fulfilling as a smile on their face. I haven´t eaten at Kolonat yet but it´s definitely on my to-do-list.
      Love, Kerstin

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