First week of work in the centers

Finally we started work this week. As the summer school project in the Luigj Gurakuqi school did not get approved, we started working in 2 different centers. So for the next weeks,we are working in 2 groups, one in a center in the south of Tirana, close to the American Embassy, and one group going to a center far away in a suburb called Prush. Already the transport is an adventure! I’m in group 2, working in the private center that is brand new built and very well organised. The staff is highly motivated and is doing a great job with the children – what is good in the way that it is a very good example for how it should be, but means at the same time less work for us. Children at that center are very different in age and abilities, some are very good in sports, others at handcrafts. The whole center is decorated with the art that the children and yound adults did themselves and has a lot of positive spirit. Some pictures will follow soon!

Keep you updated! Sabine


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