Hi everybody,la…

Hi everybody,

last week was very special and exciting for me. Our visit at the center where I will work for the next two weeks started with a little shock: Niki, a tall guy, came up to us with his fists raised. We learned later that he was just protecting his home and would never actually hurt anybody.

The center is a private one and I was impressed how big the house is: They have rooms for special therapies, for the doctor coming once a week and also a small gym. Even on my first day there I noticed that the staff is really loving and caring.

Every morning from 10 to 11 o`clock I attend a mixed group of children and adults with different disabilities doing some gymnastics. To integrate each of them everybody was allowed to show another exercise and the others join in. The games in the last 20 minutes are nice too: Everybody -including me- is having fun together and you can see many happy faces. It´s interesting to observe that the whole group is connected. In some way they behave like a big family, they playfully tease each other but they also take care of each other.

After the morning fitness we have art lessons, where you can be creative. On Tuesday we drew some big posters in groups. At the end two nice and colorful pictures were the result!

A day after we got some brushes and colors to paint the wall outside. Helping those people and seeing them smile when they watched the drawing they did was a really unforgettable experience. I learned that also the small things in your life are important and you have to appreciate them.

Every day is different, you never know what happens next but I look forward to make the best out of each moment.



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