Goal, Qëllimi, Tor!!!!

Three weeks before, Duesseldorf, Germany: “Why do you go to Albania in June? You will miss the European Championship!” That was one of the first reactions I got when I was talking to a friend about my trip to Albania.” I answered: “Well, I hope that there will be at least one bar in Tirana which telecasts the game…”

9th of June, Tirana, Albania: Only a few hours left until the great match Germany vs. Portugal and we still did not know where to watch it! The reason for our indecision was not a lack of choice, but an excessive demand due to the fact that almost every bar in Tirana was telecasting the match!

Finally, we decided to go to a pedestrian zone next to the parliament: 10 girls with German flags on their cheeks were walking through the streets of Tirana. We felt a little bit embarrassed at the beginning, because we could not assess the reaction of the Albanians. But already after a few minutes, we started to realize that Albanians love football as much as Germans do! The city is full of flags, people are wearing football shirts and singing football songs!

As we arrived at the pedestrian zone, we were really impressed by the big screens and the number of people who cheered for Germany! I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere during the match and It was a great experience to celebrate Germany’s victory together with a huge group of Albanian and German football fans :).


My summary of the day? Football definitely connects cultures! 🙂



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