Our first day with the kids.

Mirdita to krejt!

We just had our first week with the kids!

From 8 til 10 a.m., Un punoje in the public centre which is located near the big parc of TIRANA. Si e ke emrin? Un jam Lilly! That´s all I´ve learnt so far…Tschmenduri!

I have to admit that on my very first day, I didn´t really know how to behave and what to do – I had never worked with children with disabilities before:
Some of them were very talkative and open – one boy invited me to have a coffee with him, another one asked me: “Can I get a visa for Germany?”
But some kids seemed to be a bit afraid of our big group of volunteers and didn´t really communicate.

It is hard to put in words how I felt like.

I probably was kind of shocked, realizing for the first time how many opportunities we have in life, especially compared to them. I had a bad conscience, as I was thinking about justice / equality in life.

It took me a while to understand: We entertained them with very little things, but you could see them smiling all the time. The seemed to be really happy! We can offer them our enthusiasm, creativity and affection. And that´s what we are here for…

The following days were great: I had the impression that some of the children recognized us and I just felt more self-confident and hat lots of fun playing “der Plumssack geht rum“!

Looking forward to tomorrow!




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