surprising things about Albania

Today I will share with you a few things that have surprised me:

->Train: – to go by Train in Albania is like a little journey into the past

            – very old ones from Germany

            – windows are completely destroyed by stones(maybe a free time activitie) 

            – some stations looks like the are closed …. abandoned tracks, left standing, old, rusty trains     

              with plants on the roof 

            – and the tickets also look like from a other time

-> Bicycles

            – you see really seldom a Bicycles driver, and when, then mostly old mans … so Albanian people 

              are a little bit lacy in this way ^^

-> Cars:

            – but they like to drive big, expensive and fast cars, even if it is not allowed in Albania to drive

              faster then 90 km/h

-> Houses:

            – are not so important like cars … so the houses are not so representative like the cars  

-> Streets:

             – some are not in a very good way, a lot of potholes

             – be watered every day by the people, it should help to keep the dust / dirt down  


             – is not separated, you put everything in big containers, but garbage is everywhere … so to use 

               trash can is here maybe not so commend 

-> Money

            – is not the most important thing … it comes that you don’t need to pay when you want to buy for 

             example only 1 peach, or you have no small money with you, you have not enough money …. 

->Mind about Germany:

            -Many people here are enthusiastic about Germany 

            – can speak German very well (sometimes they learned it only 1 year and they speak fluently) 

            – people are for the German football team

            – you can find Germany flags everywhere 

            – people like to go to Germany ( for example to study)

           – are so happy when they meet German people 

            – have completely positive mind about Germany 

-> our Flat

            – we can watch German TV

            – very modern and colorful


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