German cake gets special attention

For today, we had the idea of preparing a typical German cake with some of the children in the center in Prush. But what kind of cake should we do? It should be easy to prepare and the incredients must be available, it should be typical for our home country and easily to prepare with many different hands. Therefore, we dicided to do a „Streuselkuchen“ with some fruits of the season what, at the end, seemed to be a very good idea. At the beginning, we had little problems to get everything started. The nice woman that normally prepares the food in the center did not seem to be too happy to have all of us in her kitchen and a little worried about giving everything out of her hands. But very soon, she started trusting us and we found our way to communicate with the kids and showed them what to do. They were doing a great job, sharing the different tasks with each other. One of the local teachers brought a big box of apricots along, so there was no discussion about what fruits should be on the cake. The abricots were delicious and all of us started to share some fruits with each other. Topping the cake with the so called „Streusel“ was the best part of it, as all children could help at this point. And the result was so good, that the lady from the kitchen even wrote down our recipe. How could a day start better?! We hope everyone enjoyed the cake. Thank you kids for that wonderful day!


Preparing the cake


Every hand is needed


Here comes the recipe (a little bit improvising is necessary, changing the amount of incrediants if necessary):


5 eggs

200 g – 250 g melted Butter

250 g suggar

300 g flour

1 teaspoon backing powder

1 packet vanilla suggar

lots of abricots or other fruits to put on the dough


1/3 butter, 1/3 suggar, 1/3 flour (everything around 150 g)

Backing at 180°C for 25 – 30 min.

Bonne appetit! Guten Appetit! Ju böfte mirë!



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