What is communication?

Step by step we get to know the very basics of the Albanian language. We happen to pick up some words when people are talking on their phones, we manage to buy bread (buka) or ice cream (akkulore). Only with the numbers, I personally do have huge problems.

 Amazingly enough, for playing with the children in the centre it seems to be enough. Toppi (ball), mire (good), tschu mire (very good) bukur (beautiful) and of course thank you, Good morning and please make nearly any conversation go. Still, only today one of the girls asked me something again and again and told me something else again and again. Of course, I had no idea what she was talking about and just answered saying mire and po,po and nuk kuptoi (I don’t understand). Later, it turned out she told me that she knows how to make coffee and that drinking coffee in the morning is good. If I had only known that before, I would have liked to profit from her skills, as I was really in need of a strong and good cup of coffee, as it was only eight in the morning.





  1. Andrea · June 26, 2012

    Hanna, I´m very proud of you! Kiss, Andrea

    • Hanna · July 21, 2012

      Oh, I have only seen this now! Nice, nice, thank you so much! Many kisses back!

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