the last week

In this week we have collected a lot of impressions and experience, we have done so many things, maybe because we noticed, that time is running … we only have 1 week left … it is so amazing! On Monday our working rythm was a little bit different, because our center has invited 30 other kids for a summercamp. Our task was to say hello to them and to play with them. It was amazing to feel the contrast between these children, and the children we have worked with before. The summercampkids have no disabilities, only some social backgrounds. You had the possibility to do so many things with them, some of them also could speak some english, so it was much easier to work with them. We had a lot of fun! We let this impressively rich day end with a fantastic dinner in a traditional restaurant. It was so cosy there, a lot of old pictures around and at the bar were so many garlic chains hanging. And the food was simply delicious! I very recommend to visit the “oda” restaurant and to eat eggplant and cottage cheese there!

At Tuesday we made a very emotional working experience. At our center was a concert and the summercampkids stays with the kids with disabilities together. It was so nice to see how much the kids love music … we danced all together=) In the evening we went to the opera and saw a very imposing performance about Skanderbeg. It is so  unbelievable that we paid only 300 Leke for this great experience!

On Wednesday we had a working free day, because the organization invited us to a fantastic barbecue! We were just outside of Tirana at a Pool. Around us mountains and a river…nothing else. Some people payed for the pool to go swimming there, but some people were swimming in the river, and so was I. It was really great there, you had the possibility to jump in the deep water from a stone =) It was simply a perfect day there … a lot of fantastic food and also relaxing and adventurous activities=)

On Thursday we all cooked together delicious pancakes…a very nice girls evening=) After this we watched the football game in our favorite cafe^^

The weekend was also very nice! Some of us had the plan to go to Pogradec, but no idea how to realize it^^ So on Friday we asked Olti an Ana (from the organization) and they organized everything for us…really great! So we had a fantastic stay in Pogradec. We enjoyed to go swimming in the clean and very big Ohrid lake really much. The water was really fantastic … you could see the ground, even though it was really deep! And we also enjoyed the weather there very much! It was so different to Tirana … there were only 23 °C … amazing! We enjoyed it very much to stay there! Even the way to Pogradec is fantastic! To travel over the mountains, to have a great view from the top of the mountain was so fantastic and adventurous! So a cool penultimate week! Best regards from Albania, Thea



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