Our last week


I can`t believe that time ran so fast and it´s already my last week here.

On Monday I spent some time with two autistic children in the center. One of the boys had some therapy connecting things that belong together. At first it was difficult for him and you had to help him a lot, but after three times it worked out better.

Before they told me that this boy sometimes behaves aggressively. Seeing him playing with a toy truck made me believe that he is such a smart and calm boy. Later we went down to the gym where other kids were playing. For me it was normal to hear the noise there but the boy was really afraid and didn`t want to go down. So the therapist took him by his hand – he really fought against her grip – and put him back in the room so that he can calm down. For me it is difficult to understand the boy´s feelings. Especially by handling such situations I learned more about his character and I could accept his behavior.

When our group left the center this day we met one of the boys in the hallway. He asked if we will come tomorrow as well. In this moment I was so sad because I know that there is not much time left until saying goodbye to all of them. I hope that after our work is finished there will be other local volunteers going to the center and spend time with the kids.

Of course working with disabled children is not that easy every time but after a while you get to know each of them also learning how to react in different situations. Finally, I never expected that you get so much back from them.



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