Matteo: from Sardinia to Albania and now Poland!

Matteo with a youg boy in “Luigj Gurakuqi” school

Matteo Marras is the Evs volunteer who did Evs in Beyond Barriers. He left Tirana 6 months ago and we decided to interview him because in the last weeks his life changed quite a lot.

Hello Matteo, 6 months have passed since you finished your Evs in Tirana. How was to come back home?

I felt satisfied by my whole experience, there was nothing more I could ask in general. Back home, it has been like starting the previous life as I left it back 10 months before. However, back in my homeland not so much had changed, same situation as before, but I had some serious projects in my mind to pursue, therefore I started working on that since my return, and it was something completely new. I didn’t want anymore my previous life, so I was changed I can say!

As we know, you left Italy quite soon to go to Poland. Can you tell us about this experience?

Yes, that’s what the project was about. I’ve been in contact with a friend of mine in Krakow, who found a job in a field I was interested in (customer service and IT technologies), and suggested me to come. I kept in touch with him, and since I was very determined, after some months I decided to come to his place to try on the field my chances. He hosted me for some time, then I found the job I was looking for and I moved to stay on my own. Actually, the first days when I arrived to Poland, a country I’ve never been before, I felt quite disoriented, but now I ‘m getting used to this life, and I’m getting to know about the most common polish habits in this great and important city which is Krakow.

Do you think Evs is a good chance to face possible work experiences abroad?

Well, actually this is very related with the previous answer. In fact, this friend of mine found a job right after his EVS in Krakow, and now he is deeply into polish life, because he has been living here since October 2010; and much of his know-how on the daily life duties dates back to his EVS period; it goes without saying that all the skills and experiences he collected during his voluntary service supported him in his job search. Moreover, you can imagine how his knowledge about the city could turn out to be helpful to me as well, and it was indeed. About me, EVS utterly improved my adaptation spirit on new situations, so I perceived a new experience abroad like a challenge to win and more adventures to unfold. In the end, it wasn’t a problem for me to move again, quite the opposite!

What do you miss more from your time in Albania?

Ok, do you have enough time then? Seriously, this could be a long story. Right now, for example, I’m chatting with a person from a training course in Durres in whom I was support staff, an acquaintance that has become a friend of mine, and possibly I’m going to meet again very soon; this is just to mention a single element: I managed to create a friends’ network throughout my EVS. There are so many things, people, and stories that happened that it’s hard task to summarize in a few lines and pick the best one. Even though I’m not in continuous contact with anyone, I constantly think back about my Albanian memories and in this way I feel everyone close to me. You want something in particular that I presently miss? The Albanian language. I cannot speak it here, I’m not listening to it anymore, but my efforts brought me to be a reasonable listener and speaker. This is my tribute to the land that hosted me for 10 months. Me të vërtetë, kur dëgjoj dikush duke folur në gjuhën shqipe, prandaj kam malli e Shqipërisë, pak. Kjo është nostalgji?


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  1. besa · July 5, 2012

    Matteo sei bravissimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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