In my case I wanted to change everything in my life. I needed to escape from Warsaw and breathe deeply. I wanted to catch new fresh air no matter where.

So I was determined … extremely determined and I started looking new possibility.

I was searching in the internet and finally I found EVS. At first I wanted to get off for a short period (like 2-3 month) so i applied for EVS in Turkey and Greece but neither of this organization didn’t choose me. Well I was a bit depressed but one day my Polish organization called me and asked me:

– “Do you wanna go to Albania”

– „yyyyy hmmmmm „ it was my answer 😉 but next I said yeah I love to go to Albania – why not there.

Of cours “all of my parents”, friend, colleagous said no way – if you really want be a volunteer you can be volunteer in the other countries. They didn’t accept my decision (my mom said that she will be pray every day that Beyond Barrier chose other guys, not me – family support – invaluable), but on the other hand they knew that I had to leave.

So I stopped listening what  people said and I started listen  my heart and now im here.

We will see — it was a good choise.

My name is Emilia and I from Poland.



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