Something funny


My name is Rasmus and i’m from Estonia. I am 19 years old and just finished high-school. One reason that i came here is that i did not know what to do with my life after school. I want to study, but i’m not sure what. That’s hald of the reason, other half is a bit of a secret. 🙂

The first thought that  popped in my head was after i had stepped off the plane was that i stepped in hell. I couldnĂąt believe this. When i left Estonia it was 15 degrees and Munich was not hot , neither was Vienna. Jesus… The weather hasn’t gone any better. If it would be any hotter in the buses, it would be like a sauna. I have been fighting with the immense heat, but now, after 1 week, i can truly say i have lost. I have nothing to fight against the heat.Others sleep on the balcony but I sleep inside, on the couch/sofa and thankfully Giuliana has left me the fan, so nights aren’t THAT hot.

Otherwise it has been perfect!  The people are helpful and friendly everywhere. The nature is great. There’s a lot of things i am seeing first time in my life (e.g palm trees). The Beyond Barriers team is amazing. In one week we have already managed to reach Vlore, Palase and Dajti. Also  Kepi i Rodonit(?).

Im not much of a writer so that would be all for now.
Bye!  ’til next time!



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