Tirana : where the sun is red (When you spent all your life in a country sometimes you just stop to see how beautiful it is).


Ok, is hard start to write when you have lot of words swimming on your head,
and is more difficult to find the right ones in the middle of my lazy,
strange and funny soul.
I’m Alessandra and I came from Italy, this is my first time in Albania and I
really like this place…That’s could be all, I mean I could finish with
those worlds but I don’t want…Maybe just because is not all I want to say.
I decide to came to Albania just two months ago, I asked for some project
and they told me: ok, we have something in Albania, you have two days for
think about that…Just 2 hours after I was calling for say ‘yes’…
That’s the point.
When I said to everyone that I was going to Albania they told me (exactly in
that order):
My mum: oh, Albania…Is that place so far away from here?
my dad: no, you are not going.
my brother: ok, perfect so I can have your room.
my friends: What? You mean Germany? Are you crazy or something like that?
So the question is still: why?
Because I don’t believe in the tv (they love to do fictional stories with
the real life), I don’t believe in book maybe (I have my eyes and just one
life so I would like to see how the World look like), I don’t believe in
people who talk just for talk (because they are just afraid of everything
that is ‘different’)…
I love differences, the world is beautiful because of the differences.
I can’t imagine 6.894.594.844 faces on the World that look exactly the same
of me.
I learn a lot of things from people, about the life and about myself I mean.
Every single place live me with something inside, something that I didn’t
know before and that (I’m sure) I will never find in a book…Ireland taught
me how to love the nature, England taught me to be strong and independent,
Spain taught me how to be free and how to love myself a little bit more.
And Albania?
When I walk the first time in the Albanian streets I thought to my
That’s looks like a strange thing but that’s the first think I did.
When I saw my grandma the last time she was close to the fire and she was
drinking milk on her favourite cup, when I left the house I remember that I
gave a kiss to her and she ask me: why?
When she walked away I was in another country and I went back just for one
day; in the airplane I thought a lot and the first think was: ok, now I will
lost forever all those moments made of milk on the morning and scent of food
on the evening.
They will get lost with her, I thought.
When I walk in Albania for the first time I just pass close to a woman on
the street, she was cooking and the scent of the food was really strong.
Then I saw lot of kids on the street and old people walking on the green
areas and I felt good. And when I saw people smiling on thats streets and
womans cooking I thought: maybe I didn’t lost my littles moments with her
Albania looks like my grandmother.
Beautiful things still live with you and never get lost, you just need to
find the place where they are hidden.
When was the last time that you look the sun at sunset or the smile of the
woman who sell bread close to your house? (I can’t stop doing it).
So I think: are we really so different? Because if we are, I like that difference.

Just turn off the television.

Alessandra, balcony of a no named street, Tirana, World 🙂





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