So… 1st month.

A lot has happened during these 3 weeks that I didn’t post.

We started working in Kombinati. The bus  ride is awful, but when we reach the school and see the happy faces of the people in the daycare centre, it’s totally worth it. 🙂  We are going to return there on monday. Can’t wait to be there 🙂

Also, we have had a few guests, from France but also from S-Korea.  It’s been fun. we have been going out a lot, exploring the city, the places.  I’ve been  to the cinema a few times an enjoyed it a lot.


Now to the not-so-good things. When others were in Gjirokastra, i stayed home. Thank god i stayed home, because for the whole weekend i felt very sick, and i’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been a nice trip for me.
2nd thing: Giuliana is going to leave in a few days.:( Without her we wouldn’t even have stayed alive for a week in Tirana.   Thank you Giuliana!

Thanks for reading and bye!




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