Gur gur bëhet mur, mur mur bëhet kala (stone by stone a wall is done, wall by wall you will have a castle).

Tirana is like a big box full of marbles.


One month is gone.

A bit more than one month actually.
Day by day and week by week.
Those things that I see through this window now  have become familiar: the girl walking with her two dogs, the old men playing chess close to the ‘blue bar’ and all those kids that every day run around me on the square.
Eyes and smiles that now I can recognize.
The first day in the school those eyes and smiles were very strong, even more than the words that I couldn’t understand.
They were happy to see us and curious also, but I was blind. I wasted my time to find the right words and I just forgot about those eyes and those smiles.
Big mistake.
Yesterday one of my friends ask me: how is work with disabled people?
For the first time after one month I didn’t know how to reply.
Then I thought a bit.
Sania call me ‘signorina’, she loves play domino. She don’t like dance but she danced with me a few times.
Oli has a beautiful smile, he can’t speak but I try every day to read his silence. I never win when he is playing.
Leo loves Michael Jackson, he tried to teach me how to dance once but I’m like a piece of wood. Leo is very good at drawing.
Elio call me ‘Alessandro’. He doesn’t like to lose; he has the appearance of a person who has already lived two lifes, but he is only nine years old. He loves to dance with me.
Laura is too shy to stay with us all the time, she likes romantic movies and she loves to take care of the kitchen. She calls me Ale and I dance with her two times.
Vio is Vio. The first time I met him I felt sad. Every day, when I open the door of the school he run in my direction and scream my name. He loves to speak and I love listen to him; there is a special bridge between us, I think  now that eyes are more important than words. Vio covers his ears when the music is too loud but sometimes he starts to sing.
Ale is me, I always lose when I play domino. Dance make me feel very shy. I danced with the kids one thousand times and now I don’t feel different anymore when the music is on because they told me that it’s nice to dance with me.
This is what I said to my friend; those are the only words I could find.
‘Diversity’ is like a big cage that others have built around us, doesn’t exist if you act like it doesn’t.


Sofa of our flat, no named street, Tirana, World.


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