A post.

Time flies, on daytime aswell as at small hours.
Whilst the hottest weeks of the year should be over the heat is still pretty sweltering. In Estonia at nights, the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius in this very month of August. Quite a difference.

In August we have been to school so many times that the lack of tension can be felt in the air. Which is clearly a very good thing. The environment is pure and so to say, easy. By easy I mean that it’s easy to communicate with all of the children. You know who likes drawing, who enjoys putting together puzzles, who is in fond of construction blocks or who has a fancy for dancing. So it’s easier to approach any of the children without the fear of pressuring them in any way.

While we return from the on-arrival training in Sarajevo, september has started and soon after that, school will start. While the centre in Kombinati is small, Luigi Gurakuqi is a few times bigger and with more children. Therefore, the children might be harder to reach individually.

I guess time will show and we just have to be patient. smile🙂

Natën, pafshim and thank you for reading!



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