Going back in time!

“Olá pessoal”….

Yes it’s me Diogo…


Long time ago I don’t publish anything, just because someone hit me in the head in office (Boss) I’m writing now, that’s why! lol, I’m just kidding!

Many adventures happened, I met many people, places… to be honest there is no words that can describe it all.



So, was…



In July 3 Portuguese (Tânia, Juliana e Martim) arrive in Tirana Albania, I felt like this country is my country and I started to show them and took them on a tour around town to my favorite places, and I just had lived in Tirana 1 month. Our association has prepared a fantastic convivial picnic, we spent one day together out of the city, in which our sole function was to enjoy the moment!


  Then came the month of August, we received a big group, one project really interesting. They organize a hitchhiking trip from Istanbul to Berlin in August and September with as many people as possible. They want to raise funds for two different social projects in Europe. The main focus of project is to do street arts at the places they will stay. They want to show that it is possible to have a great journey on a low budget while at the same time doing something worthwhile. They will also shoot a documentary video and update Travelblog with reports, pictures and videos.

After I had a fantastic trip to Bosnia (On-Arrival Training), a trip that I’ll never forget, with auto-stop, some nights spent on the beach, a lot of beautiful monuments lost in these Balkan countries, but above all with great animation and with a fantastic company (Alessandra, Rasmus, Emilia, Tânia, Juliana and Martim).  Of course I still working on the same level at work activities, also is my duty, here is not only good life! Kakakaka … I continued to work and give my best to the children in Kombinat Center. Well it is the main reason I’m here.

       Image  Image


              On Trip with my mascot/friend Ermal!          At Taiwan Tirana, in activity with the kids.


However, the month of September has arrived and my birthday also! I never thought that in 3 months, these friends get so close and they prepared to me one of the biggest birthday parties I had till today in my life, during 3 days, practically a wedding was something unbelievable…  And I can only thank them, who are around me, is not so easy 10 months out of our country, our family, friends, our culture and everyday life, but it’s possible 🙂

I am now looking forward to the time when I enter the “School Luigj Gurakuqi” with the children, and even start promoting volunteering in Secondary Schools and Universities in Tirana.

         Thanks again for everything, you are like family to me!



Thank you for Reading

Keep you posted,

Diogo Tomé 🙂


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