Hello, I’m Martim a Portuguese EVS volunteer in Beyond Barriers Association.

The time goes by and I reach 3 months in Tirana, tomorrow I will come back to Portugal, what I could say? I fall in love with balkans. Now I have a plenty of new friends from Albania and other countries.

The work as volunteer was great. I went in 2 diferent centers in Tirana with different target groups. In the first we had do some animation with children with some special needs. In beginning I was afraid, how I will communicate and deal with them? After all conserns I may had just vanish because the laughs, smiles and happiness are most more stronger. In second center I was intregrated in art class of autistic young adults, was a fantastic experience and led me to learn a lot.

About Tirana, I really love the city. It’s very different from the others cities I have been, and really enjoy culture mix, which could be found in each corner of city. But the traffic it’s very unusual, crossing a street need a kind of learning thought the others volunteers and the natives of country.

The Albanian language it’s not very easy, but I learn some words and little sentences. I would like to learn more but it’s necessary time, the same time it’s finish now. Curiously lot’s of persons I met talk Italian, so it’s very good for a foreign from a Latin country have an alternative way to communicate with locals, and by the way it’s an opportunity to improve the understanding and the talking in another language.

In the last weeks of August I had  some new experiences. We had a training in Sarajevo and in that way was possible for us crossing most of all countries of this region.  It was the perfect opportunity to understand some particularities of the population, like the culture, mentality, etc…

We also made a training to small youth group, a really enjoyable experience, where was possible for me learn about planning and projecting a non-formal education activity.

Thanks for everyone, we will meet again…someday






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