Five months after EVS

C’kemi! My name is Hanna. I took part in a short-term European Voluntary Service with Beyond Barriers last June. Me and nine other girls from different cities in Germany worked probably in the same centres, as you do now and we also wrote this blog (when you scrawl down some pages you can see our smart postings ;-). We had a wonderful time, probably a bit like you are having now – but probably still different – not only because of the incredible heat we had to live with.


(Here is a photo of Sabine, Lilly, me and Hannah taken in June. Just for having an image of us πŸ˜‰ By the way: Does anyone of you live in that apartment on the picture? With the dog and the nice family with two children in the ground floor? I lived on the first floor in that room with the orange couch and the dirty carpet. Will never forget that. Have you managed to get a vacuum cleaner πŸ˜‰ ?)

I guess that for us, the whole experience was rather like a holiday – or let’s call it adventurous holidays. For you – spending a whole year in Tirana, things must be different. Being back in Germany, in Berlin, was strange in the beginning, but now – since lots of time has passed, it is very normal again. Probably, Tirana and Albania usually would not be so very much in my mind anymore, as every-day life just goes on. But, as I was and am really fascinated about that country, I decided to write my Master-Thesis related to my experience. After a long time of brainstorming, reading, having and scrapping several approaches, I decided to conduct an online fieldwork on civil society, volunteering and social media in Albania. Therefore, I would like to examine this blog, besides the Facebook group. Of course, I will anonymize any data I will use. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via: or also to comment on this post.

Faleminderit dhe mirupafshim




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