It has been a while since my last post. I found one masterpiece to listen to and thought it would be a nice idea to write to blog while being affected with the emotions it is sharing with me. We’ll see what kind of prodigy will be the outcome.

To begin with, 2012 was good to me, giving me a lot of new experience and opportunities. Our calendar is about to end, Mayans calendar ended..no apocalypse in sight. Tomorrow is going to be the beginning of 2013, a whole new year to look forward to. Doesn’t feel like that, though. Maybe since it is an ordinary day like any other. Or maybe a miracle will happen. Who knows.

We have been up to a lot, especially in November and December. We celebrated the holidays by visiting our old friends in Kombinati as well as Luigj Gurakuqi and also new friends in the orphanage. Fortunately Diogo will write all about the activities during these last months. or maybe not. Who knows.

It just started to get busy, going to schools and centres, when the vacation started. As much as we like to stay with the kids in Luigj Gurakuqi, there comes the time where people need time off. In my case the time is now. It is great that we have this Christmas period for vacations. It lets you fill yourself up with new energy which lasts until summer. Time of peace and quiet. Well that time of the year seems to be over and here is the New Year’s Eve. And although i’m not sure, but something inside tells me that Tirana is going to welcome 2013 with a big bang. But I might be wrong. Who knows.

It has been 6 months here and I have come to the understanding that we are quite the bunch. All different in our weird(but at the same time natural) ways. Time is flying by and if you don’t grasp it then you will be left behind. 4 months to go, use it wisely.

Gezuar festat edhe vitin e ri.
Rasmus. ( or maybe not. Who knows. )

{Music – Shiro Sagisu-Never meant to belong}


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