Olá, my friends, I’m here again!!

***** Well, after another 3 months, I come back to mark my presence here on the blog!

Yes, it’s me again, Diogo.

Well I left you with my vision until September. Right?



October now School “Luigj Gurakuqi”, it is true we started school, was and continues to be a very rewarding experience in this school! Right now we are already well integrated into the pace of the children, in their day-to-day, they have become accustomed to us, and each time the work day ends asks “You will come tomorrow, ya? ‘. And how many times have we heard these same children ask for Ex-volunteers, and makes us think seriously about how it will be when we are not here, in 4 months, the other new volunteers will being asked “Where’s Diogo?”, I can’t imagine! Later this month, the project short-term, 3 months was over (Martin, Tania and Juliana – 3 Portuguese), they left Albania! 


Well this month we participated in an activity quite different, “MEU Albania”, “Model European Union”, we were part of the TEAM organization of all young people from different European countries, in Durres, we spent a very good week!

Hmmm… now, November, let me think … Oh!!! This month was very important for Albania, they celebrated 100 years of independence! A great Party of all over the country, Tirana was covered in red and black (the colors of the flag), activities around town, lots of music, lots of food, lots of BIRRA and lots of rain also!


On the 9th of November, we did a small presentation cork the International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism, with a group of local youths, a presentation, with parts of famous films that portray the “Nazi Era” in different parts of Europe.

It was the month in which we met in the middle of the Project in Albania, actually we’ve spent five months together, MAMA MIA! To celebrate we had a dinner at home, “Intercultural Dinner,” in which we asked the presence of the entire team of the office, a very lively and original dinner with a short summary in pictures of five months of fun, travel, and fun!! “Truth be told, with the group that was there, while watching the movie, left me goosebumps, and expressions that we all face, VERY GOOD MEMORIES …” 


And last December … another month busy!!!

On 2nd December, in the great “Sheraton-Tirana” designed the film in which we participated, Albania in the eyes of foreigners / volunteers. Then one day very important to us, the celebration of International Volunteer 5th December, we were in different activities… In the School “Luigj Gurakuqi”, in the Ministry of Culture, there Ana received the diploma for the BBA, also we went in direct TVSH in a morning program on TV, which also marked presence on this day! All about us (volunteering), and about what the BBA has done and moved with great effort, and in small steps with the fantastic group of young people in and around Tirana.


We also did a seminar, to promote volunteerism. We talk and explain to the students, what means Volunteerism and EVS, the university students showed enough interest and they adhere very well! : P

Then the highlight of the month was undoubtedly the theater frame Christmas “Santa Claus is Coming to Tirana” we EVS, with the support of the BBA, presence / support local volunteers, and co-financed by EUroAdTrip. We traveled 3 different institutions in Tirana, like the School “Luigj Gurakuqi”; Center “Per dhe Femijet Grate” in Kombinat; Orphanage “Zyber Hallulli”. With Santa Claus, Mother Claus, Rudolph the Reindeer and Elf, led to all these kids treats, toys, books, clothes and even a lot of music and fun!

At home, we had a Christmas dinner, all cooked by: “Portuguese stylish” LOL…. I loved, was another moment that we realize how much different is the way each country finds Christmas time, Portugal, Estonia, Italy and Albania.

 The BBA has invited us all EVS, local volunteers and some people connected to BBA, for an evening of socializing, with moments of photos, lots of music, some drinks and lots of fun! It was a close ceremony of the year 2012 in BBA!


          Just … to leave you a bit more updated, I leave you a tip:

“Dinner fancy fancy tonight!”

I hope you all had a good year, and that 2013 will be even better! 

🙂 Happy New Year, 🙂

Thank you for Reading

Keep you posted,

Diogo Tomé 😛


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