This is something I wrote in the end of January.
Well hi. 

So, as I sit here in the office, finished writing my part of the newsletter, thinking of writing the monthly report but realising it is a bit too early. The past weeks we’ve been in Ismail Qemali high-school for promoting volunteering among the students.  I have to say, it is 10x easier for me to work with children with disabilities. Easier to communicate, easier to make a point. Although I’m about the same age as the pupil, the way some of them acted still baffles me. I know there is no point in comparing Albania with Estonia and since I can only share my own experience about my little city’s school, then better if I don’t compare. Of course there are some “bad boys” in every class but… But let’s drop this subject. All we can do is take as much as we can from this experience. The subject will return in February anyways with a different high-school.
  On a different, more pleasant subject for me, 4th-8th February is the mid-term training in Beograd! Yay!
I gotta say I’m looking forward to that. There will supposedly be 23 participants so that means we will only work in 1 group.

Well bye.

So, now it’s February, I will put on some Fear factory – Archetype(2004) and will think how it worked out.

The MT training…It was great. We went straight to Skopje and then to Belgrade by taking 2 buses. There were 22 people instead of 23…nevertheless they were all nice. I had a chance to briefly chat with Jana which was the nicest i guess. When travelling back I just made a last-minute decision and it took me on the night train Belgrade-Skopje. after arriving to Skopje, in 10 minutes I was on the bus to Pristina.  Took a look around Pristina, returning to the bus station completely wet from the sleet. Had an afternoon bus to Tirana so arrived in the evening. 2 days of silence and continuously reading books before Alessandras arrival. perfect.  

About the new high-school we went to now… Either kids are nicer or we are more well-prepared, because it looks like we are doing quite great. There’s not much to say.. we’ve been to about ~10 classes and they have all gone well. 

Write to you again in 2 weeks !:) (hahaha…)


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