Borders (again)

February hasn’t ever been my month.
Until now…
This one was a february of first times:
first time in Kosovo…(someone should really write a book about how wonderful is to cross all those mountains with nice music on a cloudy monday morning);
first time as a teacher (kind of);
firt presentation in the high-schools (I’m always late).
I tried to learn from the februaries of my life the same as I try to learn from everything.
Nothing excluded.
Seriously, nothing.
First of all from words, tiny words, unsaid ones.
Who ever wants to catch, those are the most important.
After 8 months spent with kids I understood once more that there are so many words inside all the small things around me. So many things to be understood. It’s all about the time we decide to spend with it.
We can stop and listen to it, or we can keep going, of course.
But at some point we will stop, no? Maybe just to check with what have we filled up the bag.
I have a bag full of stories.
My one is somewhere over there, mixed with all the eyes I’ve crossed during these 24 years of life.
When they asked to me, in the office, if I wanted to start an italian course with a local organization of blind people, this month, I said yes without thinking too much on it.

”You should be careful, you know, for them it’s different”. My friends told me.

Difference doesn’t make me scared.
Doesn’t really matter actually.
In different ways a lot of people I know are blind, for their own decisions or for not taking any decision at all.
I’m blind as well sometimes.
The thing I learned is that with them the words should be said, there is no space for silent smiles or long pauses.
With them silence is too much noisy.
I discovered another world, made of hands, curiosity, loud words, loud smiles, faith.
Lot of faith.
And colors. Yes colors.
The point is that I’m not sure anymore about who is the teacher here 🙂
This is Definitely a smily february.
For the ones that have had time to stop and to truly listen, thanks.
Ps: a special thanks to the man-with-the-hat, my special guide in Pristina; to all the boys and girls that took part of the middle term training in Belgrade. It was a nice stretch of road together.




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  1. prostovoljec · March 14, 2013

    beautiful pictures! 🙂

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