Days are flying away so fast that I can hardly catch them or run at the same speed as they do.
Half march is passed by and the news volunteers have had the time to know better the city, my city…
It’s hard to think that someone is gonna take our place here in Tirana, walk in the same streets and feel the same feelings we felt in the beginning of the project probably…But  the ‘goodbyes’ are part of life and they  help you to grow-up, I guess…
The truth is that after meeting them I realize that it will not be so painful to leave; they have already found a way to get to the heart of the children and that’s the most important thing for me …
For those of you who had not yet had the pleasure to meet them, they are three: Duccio from Italy, Jovanka from Germany and Andrea from Italy  … They already had the chance to get in touch with a bit of Albanian culture by participating in the so-called ‘Summer Day’ in the town of Elbasan … not a particularly sunny day, perhaps, but no matter, the company is always the most important thing … even without sun … good Summer Day then, to Albania first and then to each one of us: DImage





Alessandra 🙂



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