To sum up, we’ve had a very productive year:) :) :)

As 9 months passed from the 10 month long project, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to summarize a bit what happened until now.

Looking back on the last months, I can see that in some aspect it has been the busiest or most eventful time I’ve ever had. Of course, work in LG School, High school in Tirana and Kombinati Center but as well I learned how to travel a lot without being a millionaire-)

Firstly, I found myself in Albania. Here I had a really great challenge to cope with the difficulties living abroad. While this job will has given me priceless experience and an excellent opportunity for further progression as well. As a person, I have learnt a lot in the previous time. I’ve come to a much better understanding of myself. However, this time will be  remembered for being full of events, I could meet a lot of nice, interesting and different people.

 So, in one month, I will travel back home. How did I benefit of volunteering? I would like to continue to improve myself in the future. After this experience, I can said that EVS changed my live.



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