First Month in Tirana

Përshëndetje to all of you!

I’m Duccio from Naples and I just arrived in Tirana as a volunteer. I’m going to stay here for 10 months replacing the other ones working for Beyond Barriers before me.

 I’m here to work with disabled kids and to promote volunteerism among youngsters in high schools.

My background is actually in cooperation and development studies, so I’m pretty excited about this new experience with an NGO that works on the field, day by day.

I can definitely  say that It’s not so easy to promote volunteerism in high school…at all!!  Young pupils make a lot of noise and you need a really strong leadership to keep them  pay attention. At the moment I’m just observing the “the old volunteers” doing it…but in some weeks we’ll be my turn.

At Luigj Gurakuqi Special School  kids are really nice but I need to understand how to make them listen to me!!!  That’s the first step!

After one month I can say that Tirana is kind of cool, It is able to surprise you changing so much street by street. It’s not that easy to find out how it works; Bars, grocery stores, markets and clubs everywhere create a so nice atmosphere.

Tirana looks old and so young at the same time, contrasts are probably its secret: free range food from the countryside during the morning and miniskirts all over the night.

I’m quite confident about me and the city..we are gonna like each other so much during these months!


See you next months guys…we’ll talk about flatmates!

Ah…I forgot:  Gëzohem që ju takova!Image


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