Një Kafe të shkurter, ju lutem!

Hello guys, 

I know I promised you some more information about my flatmates but I have a really nice story to share!

Last sunday, me, Andrea, Dorothea and Jovanka went on a trip to Kruja, a city located between Mount Krujë and the Ishëm River, 20 km far away from the capital of Albania, Tirana. 

We visited the castle and the old market, going around the whole city centre with its narrow streets and souvenirs shops…it was really nice!! Thanks to our very young guide, we found out a mosque in the mountains, 15 minutes away from the centre. 

We took a cab and we went there..up to the mountains!  As soon as we got there I stopped for a cigarette in front of that amazing view! All the city, the lakes and the mountains were right down my feet.

At first we didn’t see any mosque, there was actually no mosque there…but a really nice bar    with a huge balcony with two old men drinking a coffee. 

We decided to join them and walking down the stairs to get there we found the mosque: It was hidden and carved into the rocks. We spent there 10 amazing minutes smelling the atmosphere the old place was spreading out and after we moved to the bar for a coffee.

As soon as we got there the old man offered us some sweets and asked me if I wanted to join him for a coffee. After 5 minutes he came back from the kitchen with a turkish coffee, inviting me at his table. We had a really nice conversation even if he didn’t speak italian and my albanian is actually not so good. 

After 15 minutes I asked for the bill…and…he explained me that was his house, not a bar.

He had just offered the coffee, spending 15 minutes of his time with a complete stranger coming from Italy.

Well guys…I felt at home! 

Shqipëria është vend i bukur!!!





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