Different country – Different rules

The first rule: There is no rule. The traffic has his own rules. Used to the regulated traffic by traffic light it can be a problem to cross the street. If you go by bus, you will see many different icons: German, French, Dutch and English… The buses are coming from all corners of the Europe.

The houses are colourful and their pattern changes: trees, circles, squares and other faces in various colors like green, yellow, blue, red, orange or violet. Although it rains, the streets are colorful and in the night the light of the street lamps let you forget the potholes and cables between the houses. Pylons on the walkway are in Germany inconceivable and you have always to pay attention

There is no subway or Mc Donald‘s and no H&M or Lidl but you can buy everywhere fresh vegetables and fruits, byrek and suflaqe. Sometimes you miss some Leks and friendly pupils in High Schools offer you their seat, but they never listen to you. The first impressions of a different world!ImageImage


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