Rain, Travel and Time

It is not possible how fast the weather is able to change. I remember one or two month ago it was always raining and the weather changed every two days: dry and sunny or rainy and cloudy. One month ago I was in Berat and it was raining the whole day. Nevertheless I enjoyed the city. It is totally different from Tirana. There isn’t such a chaos on the streets, it is quite and small. The Orthodox Church is next to the mosque. But I was really surprised of the University. I had never seen before such an overwhelming building as a university. I was also surprised that the castle is still inhabited. But not only people live there, also hens, cats and sheeps. The castle is really large and we weren’t the only visitors as in National Museum in Tirana.

On the way back there were sometimes no streets anymore and I thought we would to be stuck because of the rainwater. People were walking on the country road. Back in Tirana the bus was driving so slowly, that I got really impatient. There was no traffic jam so I didn’t understand it. But tempo of life is different in Albania and for the other passengers it seemed to be normal. I have to adapt!!!ImageImageImage


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