Same same but different

Intercultural Learning, what’s that? Since I live together with two Italian, I know it. It starts with names: Andrea was always for me a female name. Now I live with Andrea, male, together and don’t wonder anymore about his name. Now it’s normality. When you think about different cultures, you have promptly an image of the people: For me Italian had been small, loud and emotional, they eat always Pasta and Pizza and have black hair. It isn’t about prejudices, everybody has and needs them to categorize because that’s our way of thinking. The real prejudices are the one you don’t want them to be broken or to break them yourself.

Besides language food and meals are very important. Climate and mentality are reflected in them. When I first see an Italian breakfast I was shocked: hot milk with coffee and a spoon of sugar and then you dip white bread into it?! Too sweet for me! But they didn’t understand that I don’t eat a sandwich: It is only one slice of bread, normally wholemeal bread or other kinds of brown bread, with butter and cheese, jam or sliced sausage. In Germany you eat normally supper (not dinner) by 7 p.m. at the latest and not at 9 p.m. But that also depends on the season and the weather.  I normally eat one cooked meal a day for lunch and as side dish there are always potatoes or rice and not only bread. I cook as I want. Of course there are recipes but I don’t have to follow them strictly. It is a different way of life, it isn’t good or bad!

De gustibus non est disputandum.

You can also see it in the streets. Albanian people walk slowly in comparison to German because the weather is hotter. They spend a lot of time in café bars to talk, have meetings and work. In Germany you have only coffee break! It is a different way of life, not good, not bad! Everybody can choose his own although different influences are everywhere!


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