My first month in Albania


My name is Dorothea and I´m 24 years old. I come from Germany and I arrived four weeks ago. Like my nice flatmates Jovanka, Andrea and Duccio I will stay here as an EVS volunteer until december. I will also work with disabled kids and promote voluntary work in highschools. Before coming here I studied inclusive pedagogics. that´s why I already love the children from Luigji Gurakuqi. My first impression of Tirana is that it´s an alive and diverse city with lots of cafes, men, cars and a very crazy traffic. At first some streets seemed to me chaotic and I felt like everyone is staring at me because I´m a foreigner, but I got used to this. It´s remarkable that you can buy everything in the street even on sunday and that there´s no timetable for the bus. The colourful street art and the park with the artificial lake are really nice because there it´s not so loud and you can relax yourself. Furthermore I really love our balkoning with its beautiful view. It´s sooo impressive to watch the sunset!Albanien people which I met are very friendly and open minded. I already learnt some things about Albanian and Italian cuture/way of life, which is very interesting and sometimes suprising. Travelling through the mountains to Progradec on the lake Ohrid and through the mountain upon Kruja I found out another Albania, wild and silent, where the nature is amazing and uncontaminated. Now I´m looking forwards to go to the sea in the south of Albania and to other countries in the Balkans.



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