Hi Everyone!

I’m Alessandro, I’m 25 years old and I came from Sardinia to Tirana because of a personal interest in European exchange programs; I did Erasmus in my life in Santandèr, Spain, for 3 months, and it was an awesome experience (and Spain is a great country). I also participate in CouchSurfing experience, hosting in my home more than 20 guests from all over the world, and passing with them beautiful moments in sharing experiences, good music, foods, and other things 🙂
I was telling you: I’m right now in Albania with other Italian and German people to do a 2-months EVS, a short-term, with Beyond Barriers that gave us this great possibility. In the first week we started doing some works about Europe Day (on 9th May), and a questionnaire about it, and in the first weekend with some other guests we visited Sarande and all the South of Albania, and it was a great experience!
We will meet in some days, I’ll tell you other fantastic things about the beautiful travels we’re doing and all that concern the EVS!

Stay tuned!


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