Tirana – loud and lively

“From Germany? So why you are in Albania?” the girl I just met in a Bar is wondering. “Well, I do voluntary service for EVS, means Voluntary European Service, for the next two month I will work with disabled children in several special schools in Tirana. Our group of 12 people from Germany and Italy will also go to Universities and Highschools to inform young Albanians of volunteering and EVS.”

“So, do you like Albania?” I was often asked this during the last week in lots of conversations with locals. My response: Yes, I like a lot! People are interested and helpful, Tirana is a lively city full of sounds, markets and Bars. Sometimes a bit more than loud with horning cars and everywhere the best music from the 80’s and 90’s 🙂

Albania has a beautiful countryside with white beaches, clear water and wild green forests in the mountains.

It is different than most people expect. Old stereotypes from the 90’s don´t fit to these open, friendly and helpful people.

That is my first impression of Tirana and Albania, I am Leonie,22 years old from Germany, before I was one year in Spain as Au-Pair and also did a voluntary cultural year in Cologne.



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