Përshëndetje për të gjithë!When I arrived in Tirana

Përshëndetje për të gjithë!

When I arrived in Tirana the 1st of May for doing the European Voluntary Service I’ve felt the same sensations of my first trip to the Balkans in 2011: so caotic streets, private minibuses waiting for you to bring you wherever you want, the typical fast-food at the side of the roads serving you byrek, qofte, sufflaqe etc…In this country people are very friendly, and my most important impression is they are eager to face every by their own. Probably it is a conseguence of a real absence of the government in social politics, as many local volunteers and everyday people told me. Last weekend i went to the southern coast with some friends of the Evs and I could see the potentiality that the Country has in sustaninable tourism: first of all amazing landscapes!!!! you can pass from the seaside with white beaches to the mountain with high forests in just twenty minutes 🙂 The work with disable children has not still begun so i’ll upgrade you as soon as possible! For the moment, I think I’ll spend this weekend to visit Berat, the most important Ottoman city of Albania… and ‘ll let you know about it too 🙂

Greetings from Nini’s bar

Enrico, 28 years old, from Sardinia island, Italy 


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