The Faces of Tirana


We finally arrived.


But what kind of city is Tirana?

To be honest this is the first time in my life staying in a big city for more than a few days. Moreover, I arrived just 9 days ago.

What can I say about Tirana after this short time?


Tirana is a city with many faces.


My first contact with Tirana was Don Bosko, where i live. I saw all the shops, street hawker and people doing their own issues. Everything was narrow and noisy.


Afterwards we went into the Vizion Plus and among these narrow streets I came into a completely different world. Everything was open, wide and new. With all the bars, markets and restaurants around me it seemed like a touristic area in Italy or Spain.


At the next day we went to Skanderberg Square. An amazing place surrounded by big majestic buildings. It seemed that I am in a old and rich city which is full of legends, historic stories and places.


Furthermore, also the nightlife has two faces. A small smoky, sweaty bar completely filled up with dancing people.

On the other hand there is the huge club with a wide open entry, marble bottoms and an elevator. Inside was pretty fresh air, much space and quiet luxury interior.


Also very interesting is the price range. 100 lek for one shot tequila in the small bar and 300 lek in the huge club. This is an increase of 200 percent!


In some way the nightlife represents Tirana.


From small to huge. From cheap to expensive.


PS: I like the smoky, sweaty bar more.


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