Hello everybody!I’m one of the new EVS volunteer

Hello everybody!

I’m one of the new EVS volunteer staying until the end of June. Today our on arrival training will start and soon we will be working with children and promoting volunteering. ‘Till now the other members of the group and I were engaged in preparing a questioner about Europe end European citizenship to be asked to Albanian people in order to check their awareness on various issues dealing with Europe and the possibility of becoming a member of the EU. However, before the job becomes harder we also took our time to get to know other volunteers working in Tirana, all the people from the association (which are all very nice) and, of course, discovering the city. Some of us decided also to travel a little bit through Albania in the spare time and up to now it has been for me a very interesting experience. You can travel at cheap prices by minibus or renting a car and discover very old places like Butrint and Berat or wild beaches like the ones Between Vlora and Saranda, a few kilometres far from National parks. Of course, you have to be eager to stand long travels, curves, bad maintained roads, the absence of any kind of timetable for transports and the lack of indications, but people are always friendly and trying to help you as they can. In the end the beauties that you find at the end of your trip definitely pays you back and a little of adventure makes the travel funnier!!! I’d really suggest to anyone to visit Albania 🙂


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